SnowBall Version 3

The Snowball is the first unit of its kind. By utilizing a live, hardware wallet, simply sending coins to the addresses in this device will ensure coins are always ready to stake on a stable, secure storage of wealth. Not only will this unit run nonstop, but now there are no more worries about forgetting to run a client or leaving a dedicated staking computer running at all times. The Snowball aims to provide most energy efficient staking hardware available on the market. Version 3 can simultaneously stake MMXIV, BALLS, and 10k

Pre-Loaded SD Cards
If you already have a Pi in hand, then grab an SD card for a fraction of the cost and be up and running in no time! Simply replace your current card with ours and you’ll be set up and staking in minutes. Backed by either Sandisk, Kingston, or Samsung, all SD cards from GorillaStake are a reliable way to secure digital wealth both locally and on the blockchain

Pi B+ can stake MMXIV and BALLS while Pi 2 B can stake MMXIV, BALLS, and 10k

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