Introducing GorillaStake

MMXIV, BALLS, and 10k can no longer be directly mined. The Proof of Work for these bitcoin casino was very fair, successful, and well distributed. In an effort to further safeguard the blockchains and ensure faster, more secure transfers, all three have evolved into the Pure Proof of Stake coins we have now. Cloud Staking guarantees your coins will stake on the provided Private Key. Please create and secure multiple copies of this key.

GorillaStakeā„¢ does things a little differently. When an order is submitted for enrollment in Cloud Staking, a Private Key is mailed via snail mail to the provided name and shipping address. This Private Key is now entered into one of our secluded staking centers and will provide you a reliable way to ensure your funds are staking, even when your computer is not on. Not only does this save you energy costs, but it also maximizes staking returns vs network inflation. Personal balance daily averages will always outweigh network inflation.

Private Keys can not be recovered. If a private key is lost, we will not provide a second copy. If you do not receive it in the mail, it was an issue with an invalid shipping address. We do not use return addresses so they cannot be intercepted by identifying the envelope or package. Please ensure all information is accurate before submitting your order.